Saturday, January 23, 2010

Road Hazards

I've learned a few things this week. Where ever one choses to walk, there are inherent hazards to be watchful of.

Yesterday I took my walk in the mall. Very dangerous place. Mental note: only walk in the mall when you can do so before the retail traps open. The lure to spend money I don't have on pretty things I don't need is too great. It is almost as dangerous to be walking that close to those buttery, salted pretzles they have in the mall. I had to talk myself out of buying one after my walk. I am not dieting but I have resolved to not reward myself with food. There are so many other things that won't add to my ...mmmm...bottom line ... that can be used to motivate me. Pedicures for one. A guilt free afternoon in my underwear doing absolutely nothing productive. Those really cool harem pants from that I have mooned over for almost a year now ...

Suprisingly, it is also dangerous to walk in the grocery store. I actually tried this today believe it or not. (I'll do anything to not be cold! lol) The grocery store is dangerous for an entirely different reason though; People! There are lots and lots of people. I made it through my 10 minute walk there without being bodily removed from the premises or seriously wounding anyone, but there were a few close calls. I don't think I'll be trying that again.

Tomorrow begins week 4 and my walk will bump up to a whole 15 minutes. I'm excited and leery all at the same time. The change is beginning to feel like it could become a real and lasting change but there are still challenges ahead to make it that. And at the end of this coming week I will have kept my goals for one whole month. February will be the shift into actually running and March will be preparing for the 5k. I think I'll have to reward myself with those aforementioned ultra-cool harem pants after I've completed the 5k. First up is to complete month one though. So, 15 minute walks here I come and once there have been 7 of you I am going to get myself a pedicure.

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  1. I am deciding about the rewards. I think that you should give yourself a reward for doing a whole months work of keeping your goals. I think that it is good to hold the harem pants out there for completion of the 5k, but a whole month is worth a reward or celebration.

    Are you keeping track of your progress on a calendar? I have decided that I want to be able to look back and see all the days that I checked off. I think that will be a good source of motivation.

    I have only missed one day last week because I was sick. And that day is sticking out in my head- not that I am beating myself up about missing that day, but more that I feel like this is becoming a habit. I feel like I missed part of my routine. I like that.

    I am would like to set up a reward system. I am just not sure how that is going to work out. I think after a month of doing it- I am going to buy new pilates pants. And at some point I will splurge on getting a private pilates class. Oh I can't wait until that point.

    Thanks for helping me with my schedule. I was just unsure of when or how to bump up my work out schedule.

    I am going to start on something after the 8 week period too. I want to stop smoking so I am going to tackle that next. The rewards for that are going to be easy. I am just going to save up the money I would spend and buy nice things with it.

    Have you gotten a good pair of running shoes yet? That is very important! I wish that I lived near you so I could help you get some. But if you go to a good running store in town they should help you.

    THANK YOU for sharing this experience with me. It is awesome to see your progress. And I wouldn't give up cuddle time either. You have to make this something that will fit in with your schedule and not take away from the happy times in your life.