Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Helloooo Internet!!

Week 4 began with a most memorable walk in the park. Ryan and Maestro joined me for this one this past Sunday. That in and of itself is sweet and worthy of rememberance; however, I had never felt so thankful to be accompanied then when the strange & bloody dog began exploring the park and the street near the park while we were there. Yes, you read that right. Strange. Bloody. Dog.

She seemed nice enough actually. No growling or whining or anything. She was minding her own business, completely unaware that she was freaking out small children and women with babies and me with my fam. Ryan called animal control and we hung around in the van. Her owner came by before animal control got there thankfully. Apparently she had broken through a plate glass window and took off running. I was all, Dude! What goes on in that house to make a dog run through a plate glass window just to get away from you?

Anyway, we gave the owner some treats so he could try to lure the errant dog back to him. I wish I'd had my camera, and that I could remember the dogs name. It started with a C?...or a K? I think she would have even been cute, if not for the blood dripping from the snout and all.

The rest of my walks this week have been downright uneventful in comparison. I'm enjoying them though. 15 minutes at a pretty fast clip is starting to feel like an actual workout! I'm feeling strange tension in my IT band that I've not experienced before. In the past I've gotten shin splints and tightness in the calf but not in my IT band. Maybe I just notice it now because I know what an IT band is? *shrug* Guess it's time for a massage. Who wants to trade?

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