Thursday, January 21, 2010

Checking in ...

I can't believe I'm almost to the end of week 3. And I've not missed a day since that first weekend! ;)

Today I took myself up to the open air shopping center for my walk again. Sadly it wasn't as warm as some previous days have been. It was actually pretty cold but I made myself get out and do it anyway. (Did I mention I hate cold weather?) I could have driven out to the mall but it seemed silly to drive that far to walk for 10 minutes. On a side note, you'd be suprised just how far you can walk in 10 minutes time.

If I can convince myself to get up earlier I may go ahead and truck out to the mall for the rest of this week and next. We'll see. Today I'm just celebrating because I'm still doing it, I'm still excited about it and that makes for one less thing to beat myself up about. Hooray!

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