Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1.52 miles; 21:53 minutes

I have always hated any type of competition. I still do, really. However, I'm liking this being in competition with myself stuff. It's kinda cool. There's no worrying about what anyone else is doing. It's all about bettering myself, pushing my own limits. Even if I don't beat my prior time, I still win cause I'm still the reining champ. Ha Ha. (Nevermind that no one else is in the running. I love it!)

So, you probably guessed it. Today was my best time to date. :) 1.52 miles in 21:53 minutes. That's 14:17 minutes a mile. I've been averaging about 15 minutes a mile. Guess my time is improving some; albeit slowly. If I didn't have the running program on my phone I wouldn't even notice the difference. Ain't technology grand?

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