Sunday, January 17, 2010

I did it! I did it!

 *happy dance*

The hurdle of weekend two has been successfully jumped! 5 minutes 'round the coffee table yesterday AND 10 minutes 'round the shopping center today. Yay! Despite the rain it was warm enough today to walk the covered outdoor shopping center near the house so I was outside even, which was fantastic! And bumping up to 10 minutes felt really good.

Here's my motivation:

That is what I looked like back when I rode my bike from Norfolk, Va to Washington, DC. I think this is day 3. I have this one on my fridge as a daily motivator and reminder of what my goal is.

And here are some other pics from the event. It's crazy how young I look. And I love the guy walking by checking me out in the middle pic. LOL  The ladies in the bunny ears were in the van tailing all of the riders and so they were right behind me for almost all four days of the ride. Without their spirit and energy, I'd have been toast. Love, love, love them. Wish I could remember their names.

It was such an awesome feeling to be involved in this event and to be able to complete as much of it as I did. The pics remind me of what I am capable of and make me feel invincible. Besides the 'do rag I wore under my helmet makes me giggle! :o) 


  1. You can do it, babe -- I have complete faith in you.