Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 4 and counting

This has been my fourth morning getting up and putting my workout clothes on first thing. Funny how just being dressed can be a motivator. I get more done once I've walked in and out the front door for my pretend workout then I normally do. I'm even feeling called to try to get up earlier in the morning. Imagine that! It's going to be necessary anyway once my workouts pick up into something more substantial. I forgot when making my plan that I have the dog to take care of in the morning. Oh, and also that I would have to eat breakfast. So, first, first thing I put my workout clothes on, let dog out to pee, eat a small breakfast while trying to get Maestro to eat too, check my calendar for the day while I let my breakfast settle, then put dog back in cage and go workout.

So far I'm feeling pretty positive about it. Just getting dressed really isn't that hard, especially when it's cold out. =) I feel the urge to actually do more, to actually workout, but I'm fighting it. Baby steps will hopefully lead to a full fledged habit, at least that is the plan. *fingers crossed*

Also, had a meeting with a local womens gym today just to see. Seeing as how I'm mostly unemployed and all, a monthly gym membership is pretty well out of range but I figured you never know what specials will be out there in this economy. Besides, seeing as how much I loath cold weather, I will need somewhere to workout. It was a no-go with the womens gym. They want too much money and and I didn't care for their hard sell, even though they do have really cool features. However, I am going to save my pennies for the local community gym. It's right up the street, they have all the regular ammenities of a privately owned gym plus a full size pool and it's only $120 for the year. Course they don't have free group classes and the $120 has to be paid all at once but it's a fraction of what most gyms cost and it will get me out of the weather. Yay!

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