Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today's run

It was drizzly and chilly-ish but I FINALLY made it out to Trashmore to walk/jog this afternoon. I made it 2.01 miles in 29:49 minutes. (I love the program on my crackberry that tracks that for me!)

Tomorrow's a big day; I have my first volunteer day with a hospice patient in the morning and then 3 hours to put in at the Cancer Treatment Center and then my sister Bir is in town!!! I can't wait to see her sweet face! *jumping up and down*

With my sister being in town the rest of the week, my running schedule may or may not be shot. Depends on how late I stay up and how well I do getting up early to run. After volunteering tomorrow my schedule is completely free all for her. Life is good.

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