Monday, April 26, 2010

1.5 miles; 22:23 minutes

This makes two days in a row that I not only ran, but I posted about it! Go me! lol I keep this up and maybe my pace will improve.

Ryan & Maestro went with me to Oak Grove Lake Park today; I ran, they walked. :o)

Oak Grove is a cute little park with a well cared for trail around a lake. It doesn't seem to be very busy and it offers more shade than Mt. Trashmore does. I think I like it, especially for sunny days when I can't make it out early to run. There's not much to it though so it wouldn't be a good one for hiking.

I'm enjoying checking out local parks I've not been to before. Ryan and I started a hiking group and we're also exploring on our own as well. Just looking for fun ways to be more active. And cheap ways to get out of the house!

Next week is York River State Park. I can't wait!

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