Friday, February 5, 2010

Digging out

So, I am still recovering from last weekend's snow storm and today we're getting more precipitation! Argh!! When will it ever end?

There's been a lot I could have written about in the last week but I've been lazy. Being trapped in the house snug as a bug in a rug started the week off for me, then I was sans car for a few days on top of that. And so some other things got done, but no writing.

First things first; workout update:

I've learned I need to have at least one rest day a week. I'll probably make that be one of the weekend days. This past weekend the snow storm sort of forced some rest. I did absolutely nothing and didn't feel the slightest bit guilty for it either! I've had to be somewhat creative since then since I couldn't leave the house to walk. Sunday was supposed to be my first day of including short periods of jogging into my walk but, like I said, the whole weekend was sort of shot and I did nuthin'. Monday I was getting stir crazy and needed to do *something*, it was still too nasty outside so I did 30 minutes of yoga instead, which felt great! It wasn't a walk but it was something active that still suited my hibernating mood. Tuesday, I wanted to feel like I had actually worked out so I did a 10 minute crunchless core workout and 10 sun salutations in a row. Let me tell you, my whole body was sore! That is definitely a workout and I expect that will be my crosstrain workout, once I start working those in. Wednesday the roads were actually clear enough to go for a walk. I waited till the afternoon, when it was warmer, but I managed to get my butt outside and do it! I threw in the two 30-second intervals of jogging even. Thursday was a bust. :( I got good news in other areas of my life but no workout. And today, even though it was cold, I got out this morning and walked.

The short jogging intervals feel really good. I'm a little amazed at how easy it is, but I guess that's what the baby steps are for. Make it so easy that you can't fail. Make it feel so good, you actually want to do it! My legs do feel it afterwards but there is no pain during the walk. The last five minutes of the walk, after the second 30-seconds of jogging, my power walk is so strong and effortless. It's like slicing through butter; Beautiful! I felt so good I came inside and did 10 sun salutations. I think I'm going to be sore again tomorrow. lol

Any other time in my life this snow storm would have thrown me off track and I'd have never kept up the workouts. I feel confidant I've just succssfully jumped one hurdle to my workout goals. Now to see what the weather brings me tomorrow. Cross your fingers there's no more snow!

Alright, now that good news I mentioned. Most of you know me and so you know I've been in school for massage therapy. I am finally all done! I have diploma and transcripts in hand and I've submitted my application for the state to torture me with a 160 question exam! I've told some of you but I've not really made it widely known, I hope to go into oncology massage. If massage itself is a new field, oncology massage is exceptionally new. It can be difficult to get established and I definitely need some experience under my belt before I jump in; however, I approached a few hospitals with cancer treatment centers about volunteering and one of them loved the idea of having me in to do hand and foot massages and maybe even chair massages for their clients and the caregivers that come in to the treatment center with them. This is exciting news. I've talked to other therapists and in some areas the hospitals are not open to this at all but I start next week, right after an oriention class. I can't wait!

Next post: The IT band stretch that saved my marathon goals.


  1. Congratulations on everything especially with finishing school!!! I think that oncology massage is such a worthwhile field to go into. Because being touched is such a healing experience and has such a calming effect on the body. Which anyone dealing with cancer is going to need in spade. I would be more interested in what the research says about the effects of massage on people with cancer. Because I know that people who are sick shouldn't get massage because it releases all these toxins in your body. And that taxes the body and the person can't deal as well with fighting off the sickness.

    I think it is good that you are working out the hurdles in sticking with the changes by focusing on the baby steps. Each little step is one more block in building your foundation. And I agree normally the things that would throw me off my game aren't anymore because I can go back to working on the baby goals. I do feel like this is a much more sane and solid way to change.

    And YES, YES you need to keep your IT band happy. What is your shoe situation like because not having the right shows can cause serious IT band problems.

    I fell off the wagon in the last couple of days. So I have decided to take a step backwards and get the easier steps more ingrained before I move onto the harder stuff. Also I went back to read some of the stuff on the site and I have no been doing a good job of staying committed to posting my progress/failures publicly and I have not stay committed to staying accountable to you and encouraging/supporting you.

    So I am renewing my commitment- my first goal is to incorporate pilates into my life and to do it five days a week. I am going this for my health as a way to manage my pain and to get my body in shape. I am restarting week two since I have no stayed on track with my week three goals.

    Lets try the phone call thing again? I will give you a call in the next day or so. I have a ton of school work to do and I have been rewarding myself with little social activities like phone calls.

  2. Yes! Yes! Call me! Call me!

    I haven't been as conscientous about encouraging and supporting you as I should be either. I am sorry about that. I'll get better at that. It might be easier once I have your telephone number. Do you text?

    I think it's great that you are reaffirming your commitment and articulating why you have set this goal for yourself. Just keep at it and it will come. Baby steps!

    Definitely call me. I'd love to talk about our goals and our progress and oncology massage stuff too!