Friday, January 15, 2010

This week in the news

So far, So good! Everyday this week I have walked my 5 minutes around the coffee table. It's so ridiculous that I can't help but dance as I walk. Then the dog starts to bark at me. I tried to get him to dance with me but apparently it is his opinion that I am 'officially' off my rocker and probably a danger to myself and others. I think this puts me just a step or two above the vacuum cleaner, which in his mind is the devil and must be stopped at all costs. I wonder if I get extra points for making my goal in spite of the added dog hazard? hhmmmm

I'm looking forward to the day when this plan has built up into a good workout. You know, the type where you actually break a sweat and are just a teensy bit sore the next day? That's gonna feel good! I can appreciate the slow start and steady build up of intensity though. It makes the task ahead so much less daunting and I hope it will make the more intense workouts to come seem less daunting as well.

Next week, or the week after, this dog & pony show goes on the road. I don't quite have the funds together for the gym yet and I'd most likely feel silly staying only 10 minutes anyway so the weeks that I'm just walking-building up to running-I'll be headed up to MacArthur Mall in the mornings. I'm pretty sure they won't let me run there though so I'll have to have the gym money by week 5 or 6, if at all possible.

Next challenge: The Weekend Hurdle.
Stay tuned. I am determined to hit both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. It might not be first thing in the morning because Ryan is so warm and cuddly but I will get my walk in. *steely eyed glare*


  1. I know I am a week behind and I don't know if you want to sign up for this, but I was hoping that we could support each other through the first change. No one else I know if doing anything like this and I could use the support and help. Also I have run a few marathons in my life and helped a few people train for them. So I would be able to give back. Let me know you can do.

    I might set up a blog or I might do my updating by placing notes on facebook. First note goes up tomorrow. I will post about my first little step.

  2. Sounds like you are off to a great start. Keep this motivation and forward energy flowing into your next task. I have found that we I walk or run longer distances I really enjoy doing it outside and not a tread mill. That is just my experience with the gym and treadmill. You are doing it girl. Moving forward. And these little steps are the building blocks for the harder steps, so you are doing important work right now. Laying all the ground work for when it starts to get tougher. Way to go. You have already accomplished so much. Be here now in this moment. You are so learning how to do that and did that when you walked around the coffee table everyday. Keep it going.

  3. Thanks for the support Bridget. It means alot to have you doing this with me! Thanks for reading my stuff. Keep checking back to keep me on my toes. lol ;-p